Welcome to the Members’ Area

This section of the website is reserved for  ITS (UK) members.  You will find a collation of the latest ITS  technical papers and information on ITS standards, in addition to the latest information from the ITS (UK) members interest groups.  The Interest Group Ground Rules can be found here and form a guide to how Interest Groups, their leaderships and participants are expected to conduct themselves.

The members area also contains a Contacts List for ITS (UK) Members and the latest events calendar.  A schedule of how Members can use ITS (UK) as a channel for informing about their activities or asking for advice and information can be collected here.

The ITS United Kingdom Vision for ITS in the UK can be downloaded here.  Ten Things You May Not Know About ITS, compiled by ITS (UK) Ambassador Eric Sampson with the help of Foundation Members, can be downloaded here.

ITS United Kingdom has a large number of overseas contacts which can be useful to Members.  A list of the current Memoranda of Understanding can be downloaded here.  A list of all other ITS Associations we are aware of can be downloaded here. For other contacts, please get in touch with us at any time.  Our International Mission can be read here.  Our Plan for our European engagement can be found here.


Business Plan 2017

One page guide for Members: Make the most of your membership Download here

AGM 2017 - hosted by Mouchel in Manchester on 23 May

White Paper - March 2017 | ITS (UK) and EU exit

List of ITS (UK) Members interested in occasional lecturing to students and professional institutions

List of suggested MSc student projects


Jennie Martin, Secretary General

Wendy Irving, Executive Assistant

Gerald Leney, Accounts

Rachael Louis, Events Manager

Paul Hutton, Communications

Who's Who at ITS (UK)?

The current Officers of ITS United Kingdom are listed in the Who’s Who at ITS (UK)


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