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Education in ITS is very important, both to ensure we have a continuous stream of well educated young people entering the ITS sector, and to keep up the learning process for existing professionals.  This page offers an updated selection of information about courses and other learning opportunities.

If you are a course provider, please get in touch to have your course listed here.  This service is free to Members and a small charge is payable by others.

Many ITS (UK) Members are willing to give lectures, suggestions for MSc topics, and other help to students and universities.  Lists of these can be found on the Members Homepage of this site.  If you are not an ITS (UK) Member, email us to find out more about guest lecturers and other assistance our Members can give to students and universities.

ITS (UK) Student and Apprentice Essay Awards 2017 /
Open for entries from 1 January 2017 to 30 November 2017


All undergraduate and postgraduate Students are welcome to join ITS (UK) as Student Members.

This is free to those who study at Universities which are Members of ITS (UK) – Southampton, Leeds, Newcastle, Derby, Aberdeen, Coventry and Imperial College.

By special agreement, PhD students at the Swedish ITS Research School (Forskarskolan) and students recommended by ITS Malta and Austriatech are also entitled to free student membership. An admin fee of £10 is payable by others.


For all Siemens courses, please use this Siemens Booking Form.

For enquiries about the Newcastle University courses, please get in contact with the Professional Development Unit either by telephone 0191 208 5456 or email

Courses are listed below (click on date for more info)

24 – 28 April 2017, Newcastle University - Intelligent Transport Systems: Technologies, Systems and Implementation

27 February – 3 March 2017, Newcastle University - Courses in Road Safety

13 – 17 February 2017, Newcastle University - Design of Transport Infrastructure

13 – 17 February 2017, Newcastle University - Economic and Environmental Appraisal of Transport Activities

13 – 17 February 2017, Newcastle University - Traffic and Environment Management for Sustainability

5 December 2016: Monday, Tuesday / 12 December 2016: Wednesday am, Thursday, Friday - Newcastle University - Transport Planning for Sustainable Mobility

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